Forgiveness. Location: Beatles Ashram Art Museum, Rishikesh, India

Where many celebrities visited turning to meditation for its healing properties. The Ashram was later closed for controversial reasons and is now a tourist attraction. This mural is housed in what was once a lecture hall. Fully hand painted, with the exception of a gold accent.

Chapter 1111. Location: Comuna 13, Medellin Colombia

Comuna 13 is a a residential neighborhood turned graffiti exhibit in the elevated streets of Medellin, Colombia. Due to a variety of reasons this mural design was simplified in comparison to our other more detailed pieces. There was a heart embedded in the wall here, a unique element for this piece. We created this with a mix of mostly brush work -minimal spray paint.

🎶Note to Self. Location: Astoria, New York

This location was a slightly different scenario than our other mural project paintings. Hosted in our home town a street we walked down often as a child, this was meant to be a nostalgic mural inspired by how far we’ve come. We dealt with a client for this design that requested specific elements. Her goal was for us to create a piece that spoke to all ages referencing specific elements from the area such as Steinway piano, Kaufman and Silvercup Studios. We both inspired the design and she was extremely happy with what we came up with. The medium of choice here was spray paint however we did do some brush work.

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