Founder: Angela Gavalas

When creating this brand it was important that the foundation was Love. What is love to me and how can I share what I am most passionate about in a way that resonates with my community? My son was one of the inspirations behind this brand. I believe one of the best ways to show our love to those that mean the most is by first showing that same love to ourselves. I do this through the things that set my soul on fire. This brand is where those worlds collide. A destined mix of Art&Wellness. Both yoga & Art have been a big part of my life for over 20 years. I have a degree in design and I am a Yoga alliance certified RYT. I have traveled all over the world learning different techniques to better my yoga practice and teachings with an emphasis on both the postures and philosophy. Travel for me is education because I incorporate culture into everything I do. It’s literally who I am. I myself am a symphony of language, religion and ethnicity. My family is a mix of Greek, Italian and Colombian descent. It’s one of the reasons why I feel like I connect so deeply to all religions and cultures. My souvenir from every destination I create in or practice yoga in is a memory that lengthens my red thread and inspires my way of living, loving and thinking. From our Murals to our classes and product assortment-Love in perspective is and always will be the compass that forever points in the direction of Love.

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