About me

Founder: Angela Gavalas

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years while pursuing a career in the beauty/wellness industry. While I loved the education aspect of my previous roles it wasn’t fulfilling in many other ways. My Autistic son was a big inspiration for me to change paths in a direction that allowed me to pursue what I love most. Once love was put into perspective for me it all became clear. I have a degree in the Arts and I am a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga instructor. While the most important part of yoga comes from within I have learned so much from many inspiring teachers all over the world. Traveling to Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China and India has allowed me to pick up amazing techniques and perspectives. One thing I am most passionate about is keeping the traditional yoga philosophy alive during a time where it continues to be warped into a shallow practice. If you are looking to learn more about how incorporating Yoga into your daily routine can strengthen your mind, body and soul allowing you to live your version of an authentic life then Love in Perspective is the place for you.

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